Debug shot


This very handy tool should become the best friend of table builders. It allows the user to send balls where they want it to, just like in real life with the front glass off.The interface is designed to provide the feeling that we really throw the ball by hand:

  • Click with the right mouse button where you want the ball to start, and hold it. A grey sphere should appear
  • Drag the mouse in the direction you want the ball to go. Another grey sphere appears and a line is displayed between it and the first shpere. This lets you monitor your shot.
  • Release the right mouse button to launch the ball. The ball speed is proportionnal to the line's length.

Small shot

Big shot


The debug shot destroys the last created ball excepted if the ball has entered the subway. In this case it creates a new Ball.

If you dont want to destroy the last created ball, for example if you have locked the previous one, hold the CTRL key while you set your shot. This will add for each debug shot a new ball.


Note: The speed can be multiplyied by a tunable value in the Physics Tuner


Recording / Replaying

Once you thrown at least one shot, it is "recorded" and replayable. By default, you can replay it by pressing Space Bar. This way you can easily keep hands on flippers keys while replaying the last debug shot.

As soon as you take a new shot with the debug shot feature, it overwrites the last one. We developped a small system to handle multiple debug shots: the overview mode. By default, you need to click on Pause key to enable/disable it:

While in overview mode, you can see your last debug shot (the button name "Current") and buttons ranging from F1 to F12.

To bind the current shot to a function key, simply press the corresponding key.

For example, if you press F7 key, the last debug shot you took is now bound to F7.

Now if you disable the overview mode (by pressing Pause key again), you can press F7 to take the shot you just bound. Moreover, taking a new debug shot using the mouse won't erase it.

You can now repeat combos without beeing a natural borned skilled pinball player! (to debug table build and the rom behaviour of course ;))



The debug shot informations and the key bindings are saved in a file named DebugShots.xml next to the table file. This file is overwritten every time you disable the overviewing mode. Thus, if you relaunch Unit3D Pinball with editor capabilities on this table, recorded debug shots will be directly bound to the corresponding keys.



  • Customizable Debug Shot overview button (Pause Key)
  • Customizable Replay Buttons (Space, F1-12)
  • Saving success/fail message box
  • Saving button in overview mode
  • Bug where clicking buttons in overview mode don't throw the shots