Understanding the editor

Understanding the editor

A word about Unit3D Pinball "Editor" features.

Hi guys, and thanks a lot for trying Unit3D Pinball. 

This documentation is about the Editor features which come along with Unit3D Pinball. At the time of these lines, Unit3D Pinball is released in version Beta. This is the second version which includes editing capabilities. Thus, there will be some limitations, and, instead of calling it "editor", it would be more accurate to talk about "Modifier". That beeing said, let's go for a short overview.


Current editor features

 Table Explorer :

  • Scene tree View : Nagivate through the scene elements
  • Transform Editor : Translate/Rotate/Scale using gizmo or text boxes
  • Material Editor : Modify shaders propriety
  • Collider physics Editor: Change some physics proprieties like Bounciness and Friction

Curves Editor : Fine tuning of different game aspect, like flippers behaviours

Physics Tuner : Realtime global physics testing

Memory monitor : Small tool to detect memory leaks while scripting

Slot Explorer : See in real-time rom slots activation (Lamps/Solenoids/GIs/Switches)

Debug shot : Used to send balls in realtime (like IRL) to test while scripting


Edition mecanism

In Unit3D Pinball, the Editor has been thought as a full part of the player. The philosophy behind this is that edited content need to be tested as fast as possible. For us, the fastest way to achieve this is to include it directly in the player, to be in gaming conditions as the ultimate goal of Unit3D Pinball is to have fun playing... pinball.


As we saw earlier, current state of editor is more "modifying" than "editing", in the sense that there is no object creation/deletion yet in the editor. Thus, we need a base to work on, and as I speak, the current base is the Future Pinball Editor. Indeed, Unit3D Pinball can import fpt tables. In the future, we hope to create other importers, as obj or other standard 3D formats, but we though that a pinball specific editor was more appropriate to begin with. And, we have to say that, despite some small problems, FP editor is quite good and, moreover, has already been used  to create quite a lot of 3D tables...


FPT, UPT, additional files and publishing...


Thus, Unit3D Pinball can launch Future Pinball Tables (*.fpt). However, importing these tables is quite longer than a regular pinball player would like. To overcome this, we developed our format, Unit3D Pinball Tables (*.upt), which are Unity 3D assets. These can be loaded lighting fast, but there is a drawback: they can be generated only using the Pro version of Unity, so only us can create it currently. The process we forsee for "player" table release is, once you have edited your fpt as decribed in this documentation and tested it, send us the package and we will convert it to upt.


Happy editing!