Displays Table Instructions, Flyer, etc.....

Instructions can either be images.... 


 or text......



You can access Table instructions by clicking the button in the main menu or by hitting the associated action key.

Navigation between pages can be done by clicking the left or right arrow buttons or by hitting briefly the left and right flipper buttons action keys.

When reading a text page, you can use your mouse to scroll the page vertically. A long press on the left or right flipper buttons action keys will have the same effect.


How to add instructions ( for table creators )

Instruction pages must be saved into the instructions folder near the table file.

As we saw before, instructions can either be text files ( TXT ) or images ( JPG or PNG ).

You can name instruction pages as you wish, but they will be sorted in an ascending alphabetical order.


Text files Captioning

Captioning instruction text files is really basic. You can set titles in your text files by using two different tags:

  • Add [T1] to the left of a line : The line will become a big Title ( Centered )
  • Add [T2] to the left of a line : The line will become a medium Title ( Left Adjudsted )