These are options that can be saved separately for each table. They are saved in the "table_options.ui.puo" file in the same folder as the table. 


These options allows you to separate the volume between Mechanical and ROM sounds.


Moving this slider displaces in some specific Pegs and Rubbers on the table, that set the gameplay difficulty.
This may not work on some tables that do not have this kind of settings.



mainlight intensity

Move this slider to modify the Main light Intensity. MainLight is the light positionned on top of the table.

mainlight color

This color picker and sliders allows you to set the mainlight color.

Ambient color

This color picker and sliders allows you set the general ambience color to apply a specific mood to the scene.

backlit playfield

This checkbox is used for Enabling/Disabling the Main Playfield BackLighting feature. The associated slider allows you to set the BackLighting Intensity. 

DMD intensity

This  slider allows you to set the DMD display Intensity. 

DMD color

This color picker and sliders allows you set the DMD display's color.

















Additional Gui DMD

This checkbox is used for Enabling/Disabling the display of an Additional DMD on your screen. This can be useful when playing with a fixed camera which doesn't show permanently the BackGlass.

The two arrows on the left allow you to rotate the Additional DMD Display.
The bottom right corner allows you to resize the Additional DMD display.  

Don't forget to click on "Save Options" button to save position, size and rotation of the Additional DMD display. 

Show ornaments 

When checked, all ornaments marked as "Mark as ornamental" in FP editor are shown.
If unchecked, they are hidden ( can save some FPS)

Show FP gameroom

When checked, gameroom object is visible. If unchecked, the gameroom is hidden.



cab options

These options applies only when Cab Camera is enabled.


Using this slider, you can set the depth of the Playfield Camera.


Using this slider, you can set the height of the Playfield Camera.



When the settings for this table are correct, click on this button to save them.