Minimal Launcher


 The minimal launcher is a visual interface that provides you an easy way to organize and  launch your tables.

  • The right column tells you if the table is a "Native" ( upt file ) or "Import" ( ftp file ).
  • The minimal launcher  displays the selected table thumbnail (table loading screen) on the left part of the launcher. This thumbnail is generated at the first launch of the table, so, you don't have to do anything to add it to the launcher.
  • The minimal launcher can also display a background image. When you're playing a table, push the Keypad Minus key (by default) to capture and save this background image(different if desktop or cab mode).


 Interactions can be done using the mouse, or using GamePlay Action Buttons:

  • Left/Right Flippers to select a table
  • "Start" to launch selected table table

Pushing the MainMenu action key, enables the edition feature.
In this mode you'll see this before each table name: 

  • Clicking on the left arrow makes the selected table go UP.
  • Clicking on the right arrow makes the selected table go DOWN.
  • Clicking on the cross removes the table from the list.


  By checking this checkbox, all table designers options will be available (slow)

  By checking this checkbox, you can enable or disable only physics Tuner (faster than full)


File Browser (Mouse only)

  Click this button to open the table browser( either upt or fpt tables )

Select the table to play by double clicking on it. It will be launched and added to the table list. 


Folder scan browser (Mouse only)

  Click this button to open the folder scan browser 


Click on a folder then click on the "Select" button, this folder and all it's sub directories will be scanned, looking for native or Import tables.


 * All needed files test (Scripts.cs, etc...)