First Steps


Unit3D Pinball package is provided as a RAR Archive.

This archive contains:


This is our modified version of the Visual Pinmame emulator.

You just need to replace your older vpinmame.dll in your Visual Pinmame installation folder ( if you use to play Visual Pinball software ), and register it using the Visual Pinmame setup utility. Our version of the dll stills compatible with Visual Pinball, so you don't need to switch between the two files, just replace it and both softwares will run fine. For those who are not familiar to Visual Pinball, please first install Visual Pinmame then replace the dll file we provide. Launch the Visual Pinmame setup utility to register the dll correctly. Unit3D Pinball requires Game Roms files to run Recreated Tables. Don't ask us for Game ROMS , our website won't host them.

You can find the needed Game ROMS on the VPForum web site. 

 Important Note: You must disable the Double Size Option in the Vpinmame default settings form. This option is not compatible with Unit3D Pinball.


Unit3D Pinball folder

In this folder, you can find the main files and sub folders used by the Software: 

    • Config folder which contains the general options files applied to all the tables by default : 
    • CabCalibration.xml : used to save customized parameters of your cabinet Setup 
    • input.xml : used to save your key and joystick bindings 
    • MainMenu.ui : the Top Menu interface definition 
    • options.ui : the Options interface definition 
    • options.ui.puo : the Options file 
    • StandardCams.xml : contains the different cameras definitions when using Standard Camera 
    • StandardFunctions.xml : used to save customized Curves Editor parameters 
    • libs folder which contains the original Future Pinball sounds and 3D models 
    • Mono folder which contains the necessary Mono C# runtime files 
    • Unit3D Pinball_Data folder which contains the application resources 
    • tmp folder which contains all the data extracted from Future Pinball tables ( not used in the pre alpha release ) 
    • tools folder which contains our customized version of the LVR great tools ( not present in the pre alpha release ) 
    • FreeImage.dll, a library developed by the FreeImage Project developers 
    • Extractor.exe which is our FP data extraction utility ( not provided in the pre alpha release ) 
    • Unit3D Pinball.exe which is the main application You just need to extract this folder anywhere you want on your Hard Drive.
    • PacDrive.dll , a library used by the Direct Output Framework.
    • ledwiz.dll , a library used by the Direct Output Framework.



On our website, we provide Table Files compatible with the application. We package those tables in a .rar archive which contains all the necessary files and folders to run the table excepted, of course, the Game ROMS. You can extract those archives in any folder, but you must preserve the root folder and the folder structure it contains to be sure that the table will run correctly.

Example of the Addams Family Table package:

  • TheAddamsFamily.upt : the table file itself (it uses a proprietary file format ) 
  • Sounds folder : sound extracted from Future Pinball Table (Mainly mechanical sounds) 
  • DebugShots.xml : this file is not necessary to run the table, it's just here to save the DebugShots functionality settings 
  • materials.xml : this file contains all the modifications done to the game objects materials using the Material Editor (not provided in the pre alpha release) 
  • materials.xml : this file contains all the modifications done to the game objects materials using the Material Editor (not provided in the pre alpha release) 
  • Script.cs which is the Mono C# script file which contains all classes and functions used to bring the table to life Please, do not try to merge different table contents in the same folder, or you may encounter application crash or serious bugs !!
  • Captures folder which contains the images that will be used by the minimal launcher if used.
  • CustomCams.xml : this file contains all your customs cameras created with the camera editor.



Unit3d Pinball needs these components to be installed in order to work properly:

  • - Visual Pinmame emulator 
  • - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime (x86 or x64) depending on your system configuration.



You can launch the software using the Unit3D Pinball.exe file in the main folder.A dialog box will open and propose you to open an existing .upt or .fpt table file.( .fpt files not allowed in the pre alpha release). You can also launch directly an .upt table file. For this to work, you must first associate correctly the .upt file type to the Unit3D Pinball.exe program using Windows Program Association procedure.



It is also possible to launch the software using a batch file. The software accepts a table file as first argument. You can add to the CommandLine the parameter /editor to enable the DegugShots and Editing features. If you have multiple configuration files(ie one for desktop and one for cab), you can specify a custom configuration file by adding to the CommandLine the parameter /config followed by the configuration file path .If the file doesn't exists, the default 'config\options.ui.puo' will be used instead. You can name this file as you wish with the extension you like.


Command line examples:

"YOUR DRIVE:\your folder\another folder\Unit3D Pinball.exe" "YOUR DRIVE:\any folder\table folder\BlackKnight2K.upt" /editor 
This will launch the bk2k table in editor mode. 

"YOUR DRIVE:\your folder\another folder\Unit3D Pinball.exe" "YOUR DRIVE:\any folder\table folder\BlackKnight2K.upt" /editor /config "YOUR DRIVE:\your folder\another folder\cabinet.cfg" 
This will launch the bk2k table in editor mode using the specified option file named cabinet.cfg


MINIMAL LAUNCHER ( new in BETA version )

Beta version of Unit3d Pinball offers you a minimalistic table launcher that will help you launching tables in a more friendly way.
To enable this feature,  add the /minimalLauncher parameter to the commandline.Minimal launcher is explained in details here.