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 BxSwDiverterNode.csDiverter node for subway system
 BxSwEdge.csSubway system's edge class (to link nodes)
 BxSwInput.csInput node for subway system
 BxSwManager.csSubway system manager
 BxSwNode.csBase node for subway system
 BxSwOutput.csOutput node for subway system
 BxSwVirtualBall.csSubway system's class to handle virtual balls
 BxSwVisualManager.csVisual Subway system manager
 BxActivable.csBase class for binary states objects
 BxBall.csClass to handle ball interactions
 BxBasicDMD.csBasic class to handle a Dot Matrix Display
 BxBasicFlip.csSimple Flipper Behaviour Class
 BxBasicLamp.csBasic class for lamps and bulbs objects behaviour
 BxBehaviour.csBehaviour's base class
 BxBumperKick.csBumper Kick Component driven by solenoid
 BxBumperLamp.csClass for bumper lamps
 BxCoilMagnet.csCoil magnet Component driven by solenoid
 BxDifficultyAdjuster.csDifficulty Adjustment System behaviour
 BxDiverter.csDiverter Behaviour Class
 BxDiverterDualSolenoid.csDiverter Behaviour Class driven by two solenoids
 BxDropTargetSolenoid.csSolenoid handler for drop targets
 BxDropTargetSwitch.csClass handling drop taget swicthes
 BxEMReel.csElectro-Mechanical reels handler
 BxFakeLamp.csClass for fake lamps using quad and particle halo
 BxFlasher.csFlasher behaviour based on BxBasicLamp
 BxKnocker.csSimple knocker
 BxLeafTargetSwitch.csClass handling drop taget swicthes
 BxMech.csBase class for Mechs objects
 BxNudge.csClass to handle Nudge
 BxOriginalTableManager.csMain Table Manager for Original Tables (FP inspired)
 BxPlunger.csClass to handle Plunger
 BxPoweredGate.csClass to handle gates powered by a solenoid
 BxSegment.csGas Discharge Segment Displays handler
 BxSlingshotKick.csSlingshot Kick Component driven by solenoid
 BxSlingshotSwitch.csClass for slingshot collision detection
 BxSolenoid.csBase class for solenoids objects
 BxSpeedLimitZone.csLimit speed in the trigger zone
 BxSpinDiskSolenoid.csClass for Spindisk rotation
 BxSpinner.csSpinner Component
 BxSTA.csClass for Sub Translite Animated objects
 BxTableManager.csMain Table Manager
 BxTimer.csBasic class for timers
 BxTriggerSwitch.csTrigger switch triggering animation if present
 BxVariTarget.csVari Target Component
 BxVertexAttractor.csScript to move partial vertices set of a related mesh
 BxVPMDMD.csVPM Driven Dot Matrix Display class
 BxVPMTableManager.csMain Table Manager using VPM