BxTimer Class Reference

Inherits BxBehaviour.

Public Member Functions

delegate void TimerExpired ()
void Set (bool enabled=false, int interval=-1, TimerExpired callback=null, object data=null)
void SetEnabled (bool enabled)
void SetInterval (int interval)
void SetCallback (TimerExpired callback)
void SetUserData (object data)

Static Public Member Functions

static BxTimer Find (string name, bool create=false)
 Find a timer with an optional creation flag.

Protected Member Functions

void Reset ()

Protected Attributes

FP_Timer fpImport
 FP Import script.
int timer_interval =250
 Timer interval in ms.
bool started =false
object userData = (object)0
TimerExpired cb =null
- Protected Attributes inherited from BxBehaviour
ImporterParams m_ip = null


bool Enabled [get, set]
int Interval [get, set]
TimerExpired Callback [get, set]
object UserData [get, set]
- Properties inherited from BxBehaviour
ImporterParams Params [get]

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