BxSwInput Class Reference

Inherits MonoBehaviour.

Public Member Functions

void Start ()
void SetSound (string name="")
void LinkToNode (BxSwNode n)
 link this behaviour to a Subway System Node
bool TryInsertBall (GameObject ball=null)
 Try to insert a ball, return false if this entrance node is full.
void OnTriggerEnter (Collider other)
void OnCollisionEnter (Collision collision)
void OnObjectEntering (GameObject obj)
void OnTriggerStay (Collider other)
void OnCollisionStay (Collision collision)
void OnObjectStay (GameObject obj)

Public Attributes

BxSwNode m_nodeIn
BxSwManager m_swManager
bool m_DestroyBall =true
 boolena to tell if balls are destroyed when entering

Protected Attributes

AudioClip m_kickerInSound =null
AudioSource m_audio =null

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