BxPoweredGateOneWay Class Reference

Inherits BxSolenoid.

Public Member Functions

override void Start ()
 Use this for initialization.
override void SetState (bool b)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BxSolenoid
override void Start ()
 Use this for initialization.
override void SetState (bool b)
 Activate or deactivate the object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from BxActivable
void TurnOn ()
 Activate the object.
void TurnOff ()
 Dectivate the object.
virtual BxActivable Invert (bool b=true)
virtual void OverrideState (bool b)
bool GetState ()
virtual void SetStateCB (int slot, bool b)
virtual void SetValue (int v)
virtual void SetValueCB (int slot, int v)
void SetActivated (bool b)
bool IsBlinking ()
 Start Blinking process.
void StartBlinking ()
 Start Blinking process.
void StopBlinking ()
 Stop Blinking process.
virtual void BehaviourStateCB (BxActivable a, bool b)
virtual void AddBehaviourStateCallBack (BxTableManager.BehaviourStateCallBack dest)
virtual void RemoveBehaviourStateCallBack (BxTableManager.BehaviourStateCallBack dest)
virtual BxActivable LinkTo (BxActivable dest)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from BxSolenoid
bool m_disableSound =false
 current state of the Object
AudioClip m_soundOn
 Sound played when solenoid is toggled on.
AudioClip m_soundOff
 Sound played when solenoid is toggled on.
AudioSource m_audioOn
 Behaviour audio source (on)
AudioSource m_audioOff
 Behaviour audio source (off)
bool m_soundActivationOnSwapOnly =true
 falg to tell if the sound is played on on the state changing au always...
- Public Attributes inherited from BxActivable
bool m_overrideMode =false
 overriding mode
string m_blinkPattern = "10"
 Blink Pattern.
int m_blinkInterval = 60
 Blink interval (ms)
int m_flashForMs = -1
 Blink duration (<0 means infinite)
bool m_flashForMsEndState = false
 State to set after flash for ms is finished.
- Protected Attributes inherited from BxActivable
bool m_state =false
 current state of the Object
int m_value =8
 object's "value"
bool m_CBactivated =true
 activation flag
bool m_savedState =true
 state before desactivation
int m_savedValue =8
 value before desactivation
bool m_invertBehaviour = false
 behaviour inversion (true is false and false is true)
- Protected Attributes inherited from BxBehaviour
ImporterParams m_ip = null
- Properties inherited from BxBehaviour
ImporterParams Params [get]

Member Function Documentation

override void BxPoweredGateOneWay.SetState ( bool  b)

Activate or deactivate the object (This one should be redefined for Children classes)

Reimplemented from BxActivable.

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