BxPlunger Class Reference

Inherits BxBehaviour.

Public Attributes

FP_Plunger fpImport
 FP Import script.
float m_strength = 5.0f
 plunger's strength
float m_posTravel = 60f
 positive traveling of the table's plunger (mm)
float m_negTravel = 20f
 negative traveling of the table's plunger (mm)
bool m_debug = false
 debugging flag (for colors)
float beta = 0.1f
float minCutoff = 0.01f
Filters.OneEuroFilter speedFilter = new Filters.OneEuroFilter(0.01f,0.1f)
float speedThres = 2f

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from BxBehaviour
ImporterParams m_ip = null
- Properties inherited from BxBehaviour
ImporterParams Params [get]

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