BxEMReel Class Reference

Inherits BxBehaviour.

Public Member Functions

void ResetToZero ()
void AddValue (int v)
void SetValue (int v)

Static Public Member Functions

static BxEMReel Find (string name, bool create=true)

Public Attributes

AudioSource m_source = null
 Audio Source.
int m_nbReels = -1
 Number of reel (-1 = auto)
float m_spinSpeed = 0.1f
 Time (in second) for a reel to rotate to the next number.
FP_EMreel fpImport
 FP Import script.

Protected Attributes

int m_value =0
 Current value of the reel.
List< GameObject > m_reels = new List<GameObject>()
 pointers to each reel
int[] m_targetNumbers
 target numbers for animation
float[] m_angles
 current reel angles
- Protected Attributes inherited from BxBehaviour
ImporterParams m_ip = null


int Value [get, protected set]
- Properties inherited from BxBehaviour
ImporterParams Params [get]

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